Edgebrook Lutheran Church has been a vital center of Chicago’s Edgebrook neighborhood for 80 years. It continues as a spiritual home to generations of families. Through its strong support of Boy and Girl Scouts as well as many other activities the church has become a valuable community resource.

The first service was held Oct 15, 1939 at Edgebrook School. Services were held at the school and in a nearby storefront until the church building was completed and dedicated at its present location on Dec. 12, 1943. The facility was expanded in 1953 to include an extended chancel, offices, and classroom. A parish hall was added in 1957.

On January 31st, 2010, Edgebrook Lutheran Church suffered a devastating fire. The narthex, offices, and sanctuary suffered severe fire, heat, smoke, and water damage. The first service immediately following the fire brought the congregation back full circle as we once again gathered in Edgebrook School, this time to mourn our loss as we continued to celebrate our faith.

The rebuilding took 18 months, and through the generosity of Edgebrook Elementary School, Edgebrook Covenant Church, Faith Lutheran Church, and Edgebrook Community Church, the congregation was able to continue to convene weekly. Within months, the congregation was back on campus in its newly dedicated Rising Chapel, and by fall 2011 the Sanctuary was open once again.

With the rich history and the lessons learned following the fire, Edgebrook Lutheran Church continues to enjoy a deep connection to both its spirituality and the surrounding community.