Fire Restoration


On January 31, 2010,

On January 31, 2010, in sub-freezing temperatures, a significant fire claimed much of Edgebrook Lutheran’s sanctuary. When the flames were extinguished three hours later, we faced a ruin of charcoal, twisted metal, and shattered glass. The narthex and church offices where the fire was concentrated were destroyed as were the rear of the sanctuary, balcony, and roof. Although the front half of the sanctuary was largely untouched by the fire, the damage from the heat, smoke, and water was substantial enough that the entire space had to be rebuilt.

This voracious fire was devastating to our congregation. We stood together on that bitterly cold night and watched our spiritual home burn. We grieved as one over the loss of an inspiring space, the home of so many important memories.

Our challenges were many. Forgiveness. Healing. Rebuilding. With faith at our core, and a strength of resolve forged in those flames, our congregation was transformed. Throughout 2010 we faced those challenges together. We continue to move forward in gratitude as we work through this process.

We are grateful that no one was injured and marvel at the remarkable efforts of the firefighters who saved our church. Now more than ever we appreciate God’s blessings in deeper ways as we experience His transforming power.

Thanks be to God!