New friends, guests and visitors are always welcome at Edgebrook Lutheran Church.


Ushers are present at every service to greet our guests, hand out worship bulletins, and assist in any way needed. Our worship services involve prayer, praise, God’s word through Bible readings and the sermon, and the sacrament of communion. It is a joy to have children among us during worship, and our nursery is also available for families with small children, which is staffed by child care givers who are certified by the Morton Grove Fire Department. Our worshipping spaces are wheelchair and stroller accessible.


Between our two Sunday services we honor a long-time Lutheran tradition: Coffee Hour. It gives us a moment to pause to meet with old and new friends. We encourage visitors to stop in for a cup of coffee (or tea) before or after you worship with us. During the school year, children in preschool through 8th grade are welcome to go to their Sunday School classes, where they’ll do creative activities to learn about God’s amazing love and grace for us. 

For additional information on life at ELC outside of weekend worship, check out our ministries page.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about worship at ELC

I’ve never been to a church service before. What should I expect?

All of our worship services include prayers, readings from scripture, a sermon, and communion. Our weekly bulletin will guide you through the service, indicating when the congregation joins in the service. If you are confused, simply stand when the congregation stands and sit when they sit. Or ask an usher or one of the people attending the service. We encourage you to sing, pray, eat with us at communion, and listen for God’s voice, but it’s okay to just sit and observe, too. We want you to feel welcome to worship in a way that is true and authentic to you.

I’m worried that I won’t look right. What do people wear to church?

Most people wear casual or business casual clothing. Some people wear suits and skirts, while others where jeans and sweaters. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Casual clothing is fine at any of the services. Jesus welcomed people from all walks of life and in all manner of dress and so do we!

What is communion?

In Holy Communion, also called the Eucharist, Lutherans recall the saving acts of God through Word, bread, and wine; and how we are connected with Christ and with Christians of all times and places. In this sacrament we are fed with the Body and Blood of Christ. Everyone is welcome to share in this sacrament.

How many people attend a typical Sunday service?

Attendance at each of our Sunday services is between 70 and 90 worshippers. The Saturday night service usually has around 25 people in attendance. There’s room for plenty more, so please stop by and check us out.

I’m feeling a little shy about all this. I’d like to hang back and just check things out. Is that OK?

Absolutely! Take your time in exploring ELC. You may want to ask questions of the pastors or current members, and we encourage you to do so. Get to know us a little outside the worship service by visiting coffee hour at 9:45am between Sunday worship services. We would love to meet you!

I was raised in another Christian denomination. May I take communion?

Yes. Communion is open to baptized Christians of any denomination. Just come up to the altar to partake. Congregants line up in the center aisle and come down to receive a communion wafer. Cups of wine or grape juice are offered; simply dip your wafer into the one of your choice. Gluten-free wafers are also available.

I heard about the fire. Has that changed your worship services?

We made many improvements to our building including state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment and a fully handicap accessible sanctuary and fellowship hall. Has the fire changed our worship services? You bet! We are better than ever.

Can I send a prayer request?

Yes. Prayer requests may be directed to the pastors or the church administrator and will be anonymously included in our services’ prayers.

I have a toddler. Do you have a staffed nursery during worship services?

Yes, we do. Our nursery is staffed during Sunday morning worship by Child Care Givers who are certified by the Morton Grove Fire Department. Ushers can direct you to the nursery. Or if you prefer to have your child with you during the service, you are welcome to do so. We love children and the bit of noise that accompanies them does not bother us.

Is the church accessible for wheelchairs and strollers?

Yes. There is handicapped parking at the north side of the building on Hiawatha Avenue. A ground floor entrance opens onto an elevator which will take you to the following levels: 

Level B-Basement and Fellowship Hall

Ground Level -Exit to Hiawatha Avenue

Level 1-Sanctuary and Gathering Space

Level 2-Balcony and Luther Room

Will there be an opportunity to get to know the people of the congregation?

Yes. Between the worship services on Sunday we partake in a Coffee Hour, a long-standing Lutheran tradition. It gives us a moment to meet with old and new friends. We encourage guests to stop in for a cup of coffee (or tea) before or after you worship with us. We’d love to meet you!


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